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Our Winemaking Philosophy

Most significantly, wine should have a sense of Place, which the French call “terroir.” The French idea of Terroir includes the specific combination of geography and geology along with macro, meso, and micro climatic conditions provided by a certain place, that, when interacting with a grape vine’s genetics, produce wines uniquely recognizable year after year.

Our beautiful rolling hills, with their distinct soil, surrounding vegetation, climate, and elevation combine to infuse Frogtown grapes with their own unique and superlative characteristics.

We are dedicated to, and proud of, our unique North Georgia Dahlonega Plateau AVA. All Frogtown wines labeled under a State of Georgia Appellation means the wine contains 100% Georgia estate grown fruit.

The French Way

With the sole exception of dessert wines offered under the Frogtown label, all Frogtown labeled wines are made under the self-imposed strict “French Rules” and are completely dry wines. By adopting these winemaking rules, Frogtown does not add back any sugar to its dry wines.

Unlike in France, in the United States it is not illegal to add sugar to dry wines. Many American wineries, including those in California, add small amounts of sugar to their dry wines at bottling to make them more supple and easier to drink. This small addition of sugar is usually in an amount that is undetectable as sweetness in wine.

While this practice adds smooth textures to the wine, it also makes wine less food friendly. Even the extremely small amount of one gram of sugar per liter of wine coats each molecule of wine with a thin sugar veneer that adversely affects the palate-cleansing benefits of drinking wine while enjoying food.

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