About Frogtown

Get to Know Us

In 1998, Atlantans’ Craig and Cydney Kritzer founded Frogtown Cellars in the “Frogtown District” of Lumpkin County; a viticultural area carefully selected for quality wine grape production and outstanding mountain views.

Frogtown’s principal estate property is a 57 acre vineyard and winery complex at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, located equidistant between Dahlonega and Cleveland, Georgia. This estate property is within the Dahlonega Plateau, a recognized American Viticulture Area (AVA) .

We believe Frogtown is the most awarded winery outside California in major US competitions, which are primarily held in that state. Since 2010 Frogtown has been awarded 2 Platinum, 36 Gold, 82 Silver and 92 Bronze Medals.

Frogtown has been an outspoken leader in promoting and educating the wine-consuming public about:

The concepts and benefits of growing and making terroir significant and highly awarded wines on the East Coast of the United States

The significance of French and Italian winemaking rules adopted by Frogtown that require strict adherence to certain regulations which protect and greatly assist the ability of wine drinkers in the identification of terroir-based wines.

The Lay of the Land

Frogtown’s winery is specifically designed to take advantage of the steep changes in elevations created by the topography of our rolling, hilly terrain. These range from 1675 feet to 1825 feet above sea level.

The contours of our North Georgia hillside vineyards represent some of the steepest slopes of all viticultural areas in the eastern part of the United States. Along with our hilly terrain, Frogtown’s sandy clay loam soil, trellis design, and directional aspect of vine rows create a most unique viticultural environment for our wine growing activities.

The estate’s land is divided into separate blocks based on the diverse soil, climate, terrain, and vine row aspect of each block. Different white and red wine grape varieties are planted in each distinct block based on its viticultural characteristics.

We use three trellis systems at our North Georgia vineyards. The Open-Lyre and the Geneva Double Curtain are divided systems with quadrilateral trained vines, especially selected for the growing conditions of our North-East Georgia mountain macroclimate. The Vertical Shoot Position system is widely used all over the world.

Purposeful Winery Construction

The winery is constructed as a tri-level gravity flow winery. Each of the three levels has a different elevation and serves different functions in the winemaking process.

  • The top level is our crush pad where the initial stages of winemaking occur.
  • The second level, twelve feet below the Crush Pad, is our principal tank room where fermentations occur and wine is stoed and blended in stainless steel tanks.
  • The third, six feet below the Tank Room, and lowest level, houses our barrel room where our red wines and some white wines are aged. The third level additionally contains our bottling area.

These three separate and distinct levels promote the movement of grape juice and wine by gravity. Using gravity to primarily move juice and wine is significantly less invasive and more gentle than moving juice and wine with the aid of even the gentlest of pumps.

Our winery and our winemaking equipment have been carefully and purposely designed and selected for the production of our unique high quality terroir wines. In addition to substantial stainless steel tanks, Frogtown employs over 450 wine barrels in its winemaking almost equally divided between American and French oak. We would love for you to learn more about our winemaking philosophy.

Plan Your Visit Soon

We invite you to enjoy our unique terroir awarded wines and our delicious food offerings at each of our tasting room locations. For addresses and directions to our tasting rooms, please visit Tasting Rooms and Bistro Cafes.

While at Frogtown, ask about becoming a Frogtown Wine Club “Citizen.” Wine club membership is easy and very rewarding. Discover more information about our wine club, including all the benefits received by being a Frogtown Citizen.

Frogtown hosts Simply Elegant Vineyard Weddings as well as Wine Taster’s Dinners and Brunches, where our awarded wines are paired with Chef-driven unique gourmet food creations.